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Hynds Wastewater supply the highest quality septic treatment systems designed to ensure optimal long-term performance. For over 20 years, the Hynds’ Lifestyle® Wastewater Aerated Treatment System has been and remains a trusted brand, and is NZ tested specifically for the domestic market.  As the only NZ licensed manufacturers of Eloy Water Products, Hynds Wastewater hold the exclusive agency for Eloy Water in both New Zealand and the South West Pacific Islands. Eloy Water are world renowned for their wastewater technology. Combined with the manufacturing excellence of Hynds, Hynds Wastewater are the supply partner of choice for both domestic and commercial wastewater treatment systems.


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Quick Summary

Lifestyle Aerated Treatment
24h emergency capacity
Quiet and Economic
Simple IP rated control and alarm system
Residential Treatment
X-Perco Powerless Treatment System
Robust and Durable
No electricity required
Residential/Commercial Treatment
Oxyfix Aerated Treatment
Adaptable for fluctuating occupancy
Low visual impact
Flexible disposal options
Residential/Commercial Treatment

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Lifestyle Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

In Planning with your architect/builder for them to locate the tank and irrigation area on your plan for councilThere are several type of systems that process waste in a different…
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Glentunnel X-Perco Commercial Install

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Upper Harbour Drive Commercial X-Perco Installation

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