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At what stage of the build should I consider my Wastewater system?

In Planning with your architect/builder for them to locate the tank and irrigation area on your plan for council

What type of wastewater system is suitable for my house?

There are several type of systems that process waste in a different way. All systems should be approved by the National Test facility OSET. A site evaluation by an experienced approved installer or designer will be able to recommend the most appropriate system for your site

How does a wastewater treatment system work?

There are several type of wastewater treatment processes. A treatment system receives all the waste and water from your house. This waste includes natural forming bateria which an advanced treatment system will rapidly process converting the waste into a clear liquid which can be irrigated into landscaped gardens, bush, shlter belts or ornamental trees

Do I need council approval for the installation of a Wastewater Treatment system

Yes all wastewater systems require approval by an approved engineer/designer completing the relevant information of your property to ensure all of the necessary criteria is met to prevent any environmental issues

What happens if I go on holiday?

An advanced treatment system will continue to digest, but the bacteria in yoru tank will eventually degrade. They will start up again once you begin to use your house again.

Can I use solar power?

Yes. Treatment systems require little or no power (dependent on system and your site) A solar technician/designer can calculate the power you require to run a wastewater system

What are the power costs?

Dependent on the type of system is suitable for your site – 0 – $400 estimated

How much of my land will need to be allocated for the disposal and tank area?

The tank is 2.5 diam x 2.5m deep. The exposed above ground portion is the environmentally green coloured lids (see Hynds Web pics) The land application (irrigation) area will be based on the type of pipework that is to be installed. The pipework will be chosen based on your soil type and location of the area for placement eg 3 bedroom 100m2 Trench disposal (flat land) – 300m2 drip irrigation (any contour)

Do I have to do anything to look after my treatment system?

Always consider what you put down your waste pipes to keep your tank bacteria healthy. Check your homeowners manual for do’s and dont’s. You should have a valid service contract with an approved service technician. In the first few months you should do a simple check of your irrigation filter monthly. This filter may require a flush to ensure the pump is not having to work too hard.

What does an advanced treatment system cost to install?

There is a range of systems availabale and it will be dependant on the type of system designed for your site. Estimate $15,000 – $20,000 for up to 5-6 bedrooms.

Does my system require pumping out?

The primary tank of your treatment system will eventually require a pumpout of indigestible matter. Estimate 5-7 years

Does the Wastewater system treat all of the household waste?

Yes – Toilet, washing machine, dishwasher, basins/sinks, bath, shower

Do Advanced wastewater systems smell?

No, a correctly operating system does not have offensive odours

What if my house is infrequently used?

Hynds have systems that function with minimal flow and include a holiday function where the system reduces operation to 1/3

What is the cost of an installation of a treatment system?

To provide an estimate/ quotation, a site evaluation will be required to determine many factors before choosing a particular system and disposal

What if the Power goes off?

If you are on Tank/Roof supply water you will not be receiving any water into your house to use. If you are on town supply, reduce water consumption until the power is back on. The Hynds treatment systems have a minimum 24 hour emergency storage

Can I have a waste disposal?

Waste Disposal systems put additional undigested matter into a wastewater system making it work harder. Not recommended. Composting may be a better alternative

Can I have a conventional septic tank instead of an advanced treatment systems?

Your council will advise if your region is suitable for a septic tank. A septic tank functions by the waste being treated within the land on a flat contour, therefore the soil/land conditions have to be proven very suitable. An Advanced treatment system treats the effluent within the treatment tank. The resulting treated clear liquid is more readily accepted by the environment and can be transported through small irrigation pipe on any contour